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SPF40 Roll On


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  • SPF40
  • 50ml White roll on bottle (HDPE)
  • Roll-On HDPE Bottle
  • Formulation colour: White
  • Packaging Material Colour: White
  • Other branding options: Direct bottle print (1 colour)


  • enriched with the anti-oxidant properties of Vitamins A, C and E. The main UV blocking ingredient in our Sun Cream product is Rutile also known as Titanium Dioxide and Zincite ( Zinc Oxide ) both are naturally occurring clay-like mineral components of most soil. Thanks to the advent of Nano-Technology the minerals leave a transparent coating on your skin, ensuring broad spectrum UV A and UV B sun protection, without white streaks and marks on your body or clothes. Our Sunscreen is formulated to be Hypo-Allergenic and is fine for daily use. Our products have been verified by an independent laboratory as to Sun Protection Factor, and have had dermatological tests performed on them as to ensure minimal side affects. As with most skin products it is recommended to test product on inner wrist for any (unlikely) side effects.
    Our Sun Skin Care Products are extremely unlikely to cause any skin re-actions or side-effects and have successfully been used at many Nursery Schools in their sun awareness campaigns. Our SPF 40 Sunscreen confirms to the European Colipa standard as a broadspectrum UV A and UV B formulation. Worldwide most Skin Cancer Association’s Recommend a Broad Spectrum SPF Factor 20 or Higher Sunscreen.


Custom full wrap vinyl application (label)

Full colour or full coverage colour printed vinyl application.


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