Manufacturers of bespoke promotional products & Amenities


Please pay special attention to the product descriptions as most products are subject to the standard packaging/containers and closures.

As we manufacture to order, some items may require minimum order quantities specifically cosmetics bottles, caps, closures and coloured water bottles however, should  we have excess items due to production overflow from existing orders, we will gladly assist.


Should you be interested in fully customizing your product range with specific caps, closures, detailed artwork, Vinyl wrap labels and coloured bottles or containers not available on this site, you will need to contact us and one of our sales agents will assist with your request.

All bespoke requests to be sent to


We have our own standard formulations however, we will assist with the greatest of pleasure should you wish to provide us with your own.

What is the difference between full colour and full coverage?

A full colour print applies to a White background with your logo printed with all it’s colours.  A full coverage print applies to a solid or a combination of colour printed as a background with a single or a full colour logo printed over it.  Costs will vary depending on the print.

We offer two types of vinyl for label printing – Clear vinyl and White vinyl.  If you are choosing a clear vinyl, it is important to remember that only bold colours such as Black, Navy, Red, Dark Orange, Dark Green will produce a good quality print.

Can my label be cut to a particular shape?

Yes of course!  Any shape – we can do!

Artwork and Set up

Artwork & Set up (origination fee) refers to the costs involved with digitizing, redrawing (if applicable) and making the necessary preparations to effect production of your order.  Each and every order will require a machine / equipment set-up.   On repeat orders for the same products, a repeat set up is charged at a nominal fee and is reduced as long as there are no changes to the original artwork.

Full colour print for custom tissue boxes and packaging is quoted according to the number of colours required;  for this reason we recommend a minimum order quantity.

Minimums for manufacture

Minimum quantities apply to some products as they are manufactured to order and are not available off the shelf.  The reason for this is due to the batch amount produced per production cycle.

The following items require minimums:

  • custom coloured & custom fragrance soaps – 5000 units (20g – 150g)
  • custom coloured & fragrance flow wrapped soaps – 5000 units
  • Custom bottle prints
  • Custom style bottles & cosmetics containers
  • Tubes & custom composites
  • Sports water bottles
  • Detailed trim closures & caps
  • Glass water bottles  – 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1L

Why don’t we manufacture using micro-beads as an exfoliate?

Micro-beads are not biodegradable and as such we do not support the use of products which are harmful to the environment. Besides – micro-beads are a thing of the past considering we now have awesome natural exfoliates such as Aluminium Oxide, Coconut, Pumice, Salt, Sugar and Coffee to say the least.

Lead -times

Our standard lead-time on manufacture is 5-7 business days.  Should you require a rush order, you would need to contact


Branded images are for visual purposes only and does not imply that we have branded a specific item for a specific brand or customer.  As a manufacturer and brander, we will never discuss, share or advertise any work done for our clients unless they give express permission for us to do so.